Why might you need a mentor?

Writing is usually a solitary endeavour and often we struggle with writing projects, especially when we tackle our first novel. Writing groups can be useful or critique groups, but sometimes we need more detailed feedback from a professional.  As a writer myself, I understand the need to have a sounding board and that is why I set up my mentoring programme. It requires commitment and, since so many of us are great procrastinators, setting deadlines and committing to weekly or twice weekly phone or Skype calls helps to focus us.


How does it work?

Initially I need details about your book and where you're up to. Then I ask for a sample of your work and a synopsis. We then have a phone call when we discuss if mentoring will work for you! So... how much time do you have? Can you commit to at least two to three hours per week, send me work on a regular basis? We decide how we want to work it, so the plan is tailor made! That usually involves working on chunks every week, a phone call or Skype call and then feedback, edits following suggestions etc. The main aim is we commit for long enough that you MAKE PROGRESS!


What will you achieve?

You only get out what you put in so we have to agree to reasonable time spent working together (ideally at least ten hours per month of my time looking at work) and for a time frame that suits the project. I usually think ten hours a month for six months is a good start but it can be adjusted as I appreciate that we all lead busy lives. But we want to complete what we start so: finish the first draft of a novel, edit the second draft, complete a short story collection, finish a memoir... etc.

Some new writers simply want to develop their writing style through exercises and feedback, perhaps they need help with voice, showing and telling etc. So the way it works will vary from person to person, but the aim is you get something completed and have something to work on and develop further or even something ready to submit! I can help with that too.

So, is this for you?

If you think this is for you then please email me information about your book and register your interest in mentoring. I do limit the number of mentoring clients so I can give them the time and close attention they need, since this runs alongside my other editing projects. But do get in touch and we'll discuss options. It might be you want to reserve time for mentoring in a few months, in which case I can add you to a wait list.

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